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Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community!


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James J. Devon, United Kingdom

"So I'm back from Thailand, and getting caught up with everything I let slide while I was on vacation. As I'm sitting here going through emails, and starting to edit content to publish this week, I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, running a business while traveling isn't as easy as the gurus make it out to be".
You've read all those headlines - "Work from a beach in Cancun". "Travel the world while your business is on autopilot!"

My first 4 figure deposit. I also go my first deposit in my bank account from Amazon over the 4 figure mark which was nice, it came in right before 2019 and was paid for the month of October.  Going for 5 Figures in 2019.
Now what's really cool about this is that if my site continues even at a stable pace I should easily break the 5 figure mark in 2019! And if I can buckle down and write some more posts I should easily see some growth!

kingshopper, Denmark

"Within my first 30 days of the program, I made $500. After specializing my training  for 3 more weeks I sold another $400 worth of Holistic CBD immunity booster. By remaining focused on one niche and mastering it, I made a miraculous $1,858 more in sales on my 60th Day with the WA network on the mark... 11/12!!! My persistence and focus with one niche, becoming the authority figure and selling myself has attracted an investor to me."

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